EarthportFX - Global Payments For Your Business

EarthportFX is part of the Earthport payment network. Through a selection of tailored payment solutions, EarthportFX provides a simpler, more cost-efficient and reliable way for managing payments internationally, providing the control and confidence to manage and grow a truly global enterprise.

Built on the Earthport network, used by leading banks and ecommerce businesses globally, EarthportFX enables direct access to local payment capabilities in over 60 countries.


  • The largest local payment capability

    Enabling payments to over 60 countries, expanding every quarter in response to demand.
  • Extensive currency capability

    Access to over 45 currencies, superior FX wholesale markets and competitive rates.
  • Expert advice on-demand

    Via our dynamic self-service platform or directly with one of our specialist client managers.
  • Complete certainty on fees and settlement timing

    We guarantee the amount you send is the amount that will arrive and will also let you know when it gets to its destination.
  • Spot Contracts

    Whether you’re buying or selling currency to meet your short-term payment obligations, our spot contracts allow you to lock-in the current rate for settlement within two working days.

    Market Orders

    Provide us with your desired rate and we’ll automatically trade when that rate is achieved, allowing you to take advantage of potentially favourable movements in the market outside usual trading hours.

    Forward Contracts

    Lock-in your desired rate today for settlement on a pre-determined future date, enabling you to proactively manage currency exposure and hedge against risk.


    If you need to receive overseas payments in different currencies our collections service provides a multi-currency collection capability and allows you to convert into the local currency to optimise returns.