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Our Partner capabilities


24-Hour Online Platform

Our Providers all offer an online platform that allows you and your business to access at any time.

If you are accessing your account out of market hours, you can still access and schedule payments once the market then opens again.

You as a business will have full confidence when working with one of our providers, always trading at the agreed set margin.

Forward Contracts & Options

Each one of our carefully selected providers are all FCA Regulated and Authorised and offer Forward Contracts and Option products.

These products allow you and your business to work to budget rates, allow you to calculate accordingly and ensure profit margins are met.

Limit and Stop Orders

Should there be a specific level you are looking to enter the market at, achieving your budget rate or better, our providers have the ability to place market orders and stop orders to facilitate this.

This ultimately means that should the market hit a certain level whilst you are not paying attention to the market, our providers have the facility to automatically make your currency purchase at the given agreed margin.

Customised Option Products

Our providers are all FCA Regulated and Authorised, meaning that they offer Option style products. One of our providers Regulated team would be more than happy to discuss Options with you.

Local Bank Accounts

The benefit of local bank accounts mean that your currency can be delivered to your beneficiary in a much shorter time.

Should you be sending funds into the USA and the market has gone past cut off time in the UK for same day delivery, the chances are that one of our providers will be able to transact locally in the given region.

Mass Payment Upload

For a business that has multiple payments at any one time, our providers offer an advanced system that can facilitate multiple payments at any one time.

The system works in conjunction with a spreadsheet that is simply uploaded to an online system and whether there are 10 payments or 200 payments, these will all be processed in an instance.

Exotic Currency Solutions

All of our partners have years upon years of experience in the Foreign Exchange Industry. With these years of experience, they have built some of the best banking relationships and are able to offer over 160 currency pairs so the chances are, our partners can offer the currency you are looking for.

Incoming Fund Capability

Businesses tend to send money as much as they receive it, especially with international trade. Our partners have the ability to all received Foreign Currency.

With the Foreign Currency you receive, you can either hold it in the currency received, or you can convert it to whichever currency you wish.

Holding Balance Facility

Sometimes businesses do not wish to convert back the currency they have received. Our providers offer a holding balance facility, meaning that the currency you are taking credit of, you can hold it until you wish to send it back out or convert back to your chosen currency.

Multiple Linked Enterprise Accounts

Some organisations are part of an umbrella, meaning that there are several companies under one roof.

Our trusted partners have the ability to offer multiple accounts, and have them linked to one another under one platform.

This allows your business to access all of your business Foreign Exchange requirement with ease, all with one provider and with one relationship.

Approver Model for Multiple Users

Organisations tend to have a number of individuals that work within finance.

Each and every one of our providers have a facility that allows specific people to approve certain payments.

These can be set at certain limits or can also be set for any payments that are being made.

Our providers will tailor your account to your needs.

Dedicated Account Manager

Upon electing one of our trusted providers, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager.

We have carefully selected our providers and have ensured that they offer the best in market service.

As our view, it is also part of theirs to work closely with your business. One of their dedicated team will tailor your account to whatever it is you need.

Credit Rating

When working with a new business, it is important that your trusted partner has the highest of credit ratings. There are plenty of providers that offer Foreign Currency services, but not all of them are FCA Regulated and Authorised and some do not have great credit ratings.

All of our providers have the highest grading in the market and these ratings will be accessible as part of the selection process when receiving your quote.

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